How did you get your All Access Band name?

The band got together and came up with the name that best described who we are and what we can provide to clients. Being that we offer a wide variety of genres of over 450 songs, All Access was the perfect fit. 

How does the band approach playing a wedding or private corporate party?

We would gather information on the type of event or theme if any and gear towards the needs and wants of the client as far as song selection, attire, sound and lighting, etc. We would also do a walk through of the venue checking the load in load out, electrical power requirements, etc. The  pre-planning process makes for a smooth approach and happy client in the end.  

What can the crowd expect from an All Access show?

High Energy, Non Stop Party. One of the unique attributes of the band is the ability to adapt instantly to any crowd, mood or vibe as the band's very extensive song list and wide variety of genres keeps the party going no matter the musical taste of the guest. 

What is a cool story from one of your past shows?

One that comes to mind was a guest at our last venue told me he was leaving a restaurant bar after work and the bartender asked why he was leaving so fast. He said he and some friends were going out to see the best band in Florida tonight and he had to get ready. The bartender replies well I doubt it's the best band in Florida because we have the best band in Florida that plays here every other month and they put on one hell of a show. The man then said to the bartender does this band have a female vocalist,  yes said the bartender, does the band have a male vocalist that plays guitar and piano, yes said the bartender. The man then asked does the band play a wide variety of music packs the venue every time,  yes..then both the bartender and man thought for a second and said we must be talking about the same band ALL ACCESS. To me this was cool hearing to people who didn't know each other were talking about how much they loved All Access. 

If the band had to only play 3 songs for the rest of time, what would they be?

Being in the music business for 25 years now, playing so many venues from all sorts of eras and genres, I honestly couldn't narrow it down. I will say, the love and passion for music is undeniable. With all the experience AA has to offer we understand the importance of each and every client and venue. Seeing the dance floor packed and smile on people's faces is all worth the hard work and dedication knowing everyone had a great time. In the end that's what it's all about!